About Me

After working as an Industrial Engineer for about 5 years, I left the auto industry for market research for SAB breweries and Coca-Cola bottlers in Africa. After two years retrenchment saw me taking the bull by the horns in the visual media industry.

Freelancing as a lighting technician in Port Elizabeth sees me working on a lot of NGO productions ranging from UNICEF to FAO, mainly with Rooftop Productions, where I am also the general problem solver. Smaller production companies have used me in roles ranging from camera operator to photographer.

Late 2017 I started to take my contrived photography a lot more serious with a particular joy in portraiture, commercial and editorial photography, as oppose to my documentary and landscape photography. With portraiture I enjoy capturing a true moment of the person, an unguarded moment, and commercial photography has the challenge of telling a story in a single image.

Email: fanjan@umfanjanafilms.com