Changing Gears

Up until now, I focused (and hoped) to getting hired for gigs. Not so much music gigs, but filming gigs in general, kind of like looking for a day job, but as a freelancer in the film media industry. This isn't working.

Last year I started pursuing this media career (I should really start doing vlogs), learned a ton of things, tried some things out, took a course with Stillmotion. Here is the funny thing that seems to happen so often in my life. Last year, round about September, out of semi despiration I enrolled for that Stillmotion online filmmaking course.

I like the guys and gals at #Stillmotion, great group, lots of sharing of skills, their focus on storytelling through the media of film is one of the strongest reasons I think they do so well. Then in October, a month after the course started, I'm so busy with filming a rallye, working on set with #Rooftop Productions that eventually I fell so far behind all I did was work through the course material in my mind - which still helped a lot, although I couldn't benefit from the 2 o'clock in the morning live webcast critique session, but I did take part in the webcast.

Come 2014, nothing. Well, to be honest there was one gig with Rooftop. But up until now not a single gig or opportunity showed it's head above water, mainly cause filming wise I don't have enough of a portfolio and Rooftop only has small gigs. From highs late 2013 when I did have a few moments of shear anger for trying my hand at this industry, to elation for not giving in cause 2014 looks to be great. I honestly thought through Rooftop I'll have a semi steady income, not much, but enough to allow me to focus on producing content for my portfolio whilst not having to worry about paying my rent.

It really brings me to one conclusion, much like any industry: Do not bet on the industry giving you security. One of the biggest cons the previous generation has played on us, or maybe it is rich previous generation who owns so many of our retail businesses and chain stores and companies today, is security in a job. In life there is no such thing is security. There is NO secure job.

In life the one thing you do not have is security, be it at your home, in the bush, riding your motorcycle with ATGATT, or working your secure job at your blue chip employer. Things come tumbling down sooner or later. I don't mean to say don't work for the blue chip, or don't wear your ATGATT, but just know it to be a fact that you are extremely blessed (or lucky, depending on your outlook of life) if things don't go according to plan in your life and job. Which means, plan for the future, live for today, and learn from the past. Make sure that if things do go wrong in the future, you wont be in shit street by month end.

Drive your 4 year old car just two more years and buy your next car cash. Don't splash on the big house unless you can pay the mortgage for six months without having an income. Live below your means until you can sit at home, with no income for six months, and not have to worry about money.

Which brings me to my point, I'm shifting gears in this industry, from hoping to find the gigs, to building a business. Just like The Wedding Story Factory, I shall create a production company, albeit being me. The reason I am to create the production company is the same reason I created The Wedding Story Factory: use a rifle for marketing, not a shotgun.

In business it is always better to target your prospective clients, as oppose to throwing ten thousand flyer's in the air and hoping someone calls you. Sounds a bit like Hollywood at the moment, they just through a hundred movies out on the silver screen, see what sticks, then makes sequels.

What will it be called? For some reason I really like Wetplate Productions. It rolls of the tongue; I won't have to spell it out as often as I do this domain; I have a reasonable idea for a logo; it rings towards my love for photography and my intention to get involved in wetplate photography.

Until next time, stay safe!