Impromto Assitant

About a week ago I got a text from a Juan Botha, he wanted to rent my Tascom DR-40 which I sort off forgot that I advertised as such on Gumtree. Through a few emails I ended up taking a bit of extra gear with me to the shoot which was a short film based on the Great Gatsby.

Juan is a teacher at a local high least I think it is a high school unless kids these days tend to be much taller in general. He's been doing these short films involving the kids in his class and this one was no different. I intended to only stay for about two hours or so after which I would pop over to the Bridal Fair which I have to say was slightly disappointing.

Do not get me wrong, I do not think the fair is a disappointment, merely that I was envisioning this rather large fair, almost festival type thing. Thus to be very clear, the fault of disappointment does not lie with the fair but with my overly high expectations.

As a vehicle for getting your product or service out into the bridal market it is truly a remarkable event, filled with services I didn't know existed, which brings me to my next point.

Shooting with Juan got me to see St Georges Park again. My previous explorations of said park were no more than seeing a nice place at night whilst attending either Shakespeare in the Park or Music in the Park. However, today I was quite taken aback by the absolute beauty of the park, almost being akin to Grand Central Park in New York, not that I've been yet.

Seeing those bits of the park and sections of Central, brought back thoughts I had a few months ago about Port Elizabeth. I watched a short documentary about a photographer, and I have to apologize I am terrible with names of photographers, who traveled America and if I remember correctly he wanted to capture the various cultures of, for the lack of a better description, farming. His medium was large format wet plate photography, a medium that I still intend to explore.

In the process of taking these 100 odd pictures, or should I say, making these pictures as with wet plate you do really get back to the process of making instead of taking, he learned a tonne about farming in America. Not just farming, but the legislation around it, the governmental issues endangering, although I hate the word now, organic farming. How it is becoming pretty much illegal to farm organically without some certificate. When I say organically, I mean the good old way of farming before it became so industrialized. But the farmer who wants to herd his cattle into a feeding kraal, go right ahead.

ok, don't quote me on that story's proposed facts, but do understand that he has discovered that more and more legislations is being put in place to make it illegal to grow your own food. This point is also a bit removed from my point and what this photographer learned in terms of photography during the process. He tips photographers to pick a subject and stick with it for year, eventually without even trying you will learn a tonne about the subject, more than you expected and be in such a better position to take the photographs.

This brings me back to Port Elizabeth and the thought I had again today, is to start learning about this seemingly unknown gorgeous city. I often look at cities in Europe or America, London, Prague, San Fransisco, BOSTON! Wonderfully photogenic cities, but why?

I think it is because people have taken the time to explore these cities and photograph them, something I think Port Elizabeth has been far overdue on. Thus, I shall start project PEP which stands for Port Elizabeth Photographic. Yes it does sound like a business or even a school of the arts, but it is my project and it is my name for it.

Probably won't stay but every guy always has a plan B, even when plan B doesn't exist in that particular point in time when plan B is actually needed right that instant, there still is a "plan B" and as such PEP is the name.

This also brings me back to the shoot with Jaun...wait.

Suddenly I've this weird thought that my writing mimics that of the writer who wrote "Extremely loud and incredibly close." Is it because I mentioned that I couldn't finish the book because it has just this type of writing? Ponder point.

I stuck around with Juan to finish the shoot. It was fun. Got to chat to Kurt who is a student at The Media Workshop. Got a possible contact for some videography work, and got just a little bit more clarity on my potential immediate future in terms of where this filming thing is going.

It is late now and I'm sleepy. Till next time I get on my soapbox. Tomorrow, or today I'd say, I might see about going to the bridal fair again, although I'm not too sure what it will benefit me as I am only a visitor to the fair. HA! It would be really funny if this single guy wins the trip for two to one of the lodges I entered a draw of. Wouldn't it actually be hilarious if the single guy who wants to do more wedding videography wins the Bridal Fair grand prize, an all paid for wedding of quite significant monetary value.